Gravel cycling is not meant to be overly complicated. The heart and soul of cycling’s drop bar, dirt road discipline is rooted in simplicity, inclusivity, and adventure. No ride is out of bounds. All are welcome to join. Gear should be functional and reliable but need not break the bank.

That’s why whether you’re a grizzled gravel cycling veteran or brand new to the road (or trail) less traveled, you’ll appreciate the latest iteration of SHIMANO’s groundbreaking—and industry-first-gravel-specific GRX component group. Designed to help you get the most from your next unpaved adventure, RX820 delivers top-tier performance without an over-the-top price.

Three new 12-speed GRX drivetrains feature SHIMANO’s legendary precise and reliable mechanical shifting with different gearing ranges to cover the full spectrum of riders and rides.

New SHIMANO GRX 12-Speed Mechanical


If your next outing includes pushing for personal PRs or duking it out at the sharp end of a race, you’ll appreciate the gear steps of the RX820 1x12 setup with a 10-45 cassette paired with a 40- or 42-tooth chainring. Just like its 11-speed predecessor, RX820 delivers smooth, reliable shifting but now features a wider gear range and extra cog, making it easier to find the optimal cadence for maintaining your position in the pack.

This setup employs a medium cage rear derailleur with integrated SHADOW RD+ chain stabilizer, providing quieter shifting, and more secure chain management in rough terrain. No need to worry about your next shift; instead, stay focused on dropping the competition. 

New SHIMANO GRX 12-Speed Mechanical


If all-day—or multi-day—adventures heavy on climbing are your thing, the new RX820 1x12 UNSTOPPABLE option with SHIMANO’s wide-range, 10-51T cassette offering is ideal. Paired with a 40T or 42T chainring, you'll never run out of gears, even on the steepest jeep road or high mountain ascent. And like the 10-45T, 1x12 option, this group features an integrated SHADOW RD+ chain stabilizer for optimal chain security and an ON/OFF switch, making wheel removal quick and easy if you happen to puncture.  

Both 1x12 options utilize Micro Spline, SHIMANO’s lightweight aluminum freehub design that seamlessly integrates with 10-tooth top gears and features smaller, more widely spaced splines that limit cog damage. The 1x12 gravel-specific crankset is offered in three crankarm lengths, giving you the option to choose the ideal SHIMANO GRX setup for your needs and riding style. 

New SHIMANO GRX 12-Speed Mechanical


For riders seeking the best of both worlds, the new 2x12 RX820 UNDROPPABLE drivetrain is the choice. Utilizing a gravel-optimized 48/31 front chainring paired with an 11-34 or 11-36 cassette, this setup delivers an ultra-wide gear range so you can spin a comfortable cadence whether cruising the flats, smashing endless dirt road rollers, or tackling a massive backcountry climb. 

This setup delivers precise mechanical shifting both front and rear and an integrated SHADOW RD+ chain stabilization for ultimate security over bumpy terrain. The gravel-specific 2x12 option maintains tighter rear cassette gear steps, ideal for subtle cadence changes during competitive racing and spirited weekend group rides. And the 2x12 setup seamlessly interfaces with most existing 700c wheels thanks to its use of the tried-and-true HG freehub body design. 

New SHIMANO GRX 12-Speed Mechanical

SHIMANO RX880 Carbon Gravel Wheels

SHIMANO is also launching an updated carbon gravel wheel that’s purpose-built to handle the rough-and-tumble rigors of dirt road riding. The new RX880 wheelset is a full 64 grams lighter per pair than its predecessor and features the same shallow 32mm rim height for faster acceleration and quicker climbing. The low-profile rim depth also ensures better control in cross winds, and these tubeless-ready wheels employ a modern 25mm inner rim width that’s suitable for tires from 32mm to 50mm wide. 

User-friendly compatibility is further enhanced via a revamped DIRECT ENGAGEMENT hub design, borrowed from DURA-ACE wheels, that easily converts between Micro Spline and HG L2 12-speed freehub bodies and features quick and efficient engagement for rapid acceleration no matter the riding surface. The RX880 hubs and rims are laced together with 24 J-bend spokes front and rear that maximize strength and reliability no matter how adventurous your next ride gets. 

New SHIMANO GRX 12-Speed Mechanical


Alongside this suite of gravel-optimized gearing options and the new RX880 wheel is the new ST-RX820 brake/shift levers. Specifically designed for use with flared handlebars that are a gravel-cycling staple, the new lever body design features anti-slip texturing on the tops and dramatically improved ergonomics that lessen pressure on your palms. Together, these changes increase comfort and control so you can fearlessly tackle tricky terrain or focus on the rolling gravel road ahead. 

The new GRX brake levers feature SHIMANO’s Dual Control setup with its light and responsive mechanical 12-speed shifting. While the left lever of the 2x12 GRX group delivers SHIMANO's unrivaled smooth front shifting, the new 1x12 groups include two options for the left lever: a brake lever-only model and a dropper-specific option that seamlessly integrates braking and dropper post actuation for fast and effortless operation.

New SHIMANO GRX 12-Speed Mechanical



Finally, for more budget conscious consumers and to allow a wider price range on complete gravel bikes, SHIMANO has updated its 600-series cranks and shift levers for 1x12 and 2x12 setups that utilize trickle-down technology from the original 800 series GRX component line. 

Top features include textured hoods and anti-slip brake lever coating that bolsters control on rugged terrain. The new cranksets offer gearing options that specifically cater to the demands of gravel riding. The 2x12 crank is spec’d with a 46/30 chainring and is available in 165, 170, 172.5, and 175mm crank arm lengths. The RX610 1x12 crank has the same four crank length options and is available with highly durable 38T (a new option) and 40T chainring to pair with a 10-45 or 10-51 cassette.


From the beginning, riders have counted on SHIMANO GRX for the smoothest shifting, most reliable braking, and ultimate gravel comfort with thoughtful ergonomic designs and gravel-centric gearing. Now, with the updated 12-speed mechanical GRX lineup, you get more. More options, more gears, more opportunities to get out and ride exactly the way you want to ride. No matter which SHIMANO GRX option you choose, you’ll have the right gear—and gearing—for your next off-road adventure.