REBOUND inspired more than 300,000 riders around the world to ride a whopping 4,789,142 miles collectively. Each rider had their own adventure, starting from their own doorstep. We’re checking in with some of the heroes who rode REBOUND, within the Shimano Gravel Alliance and beyond.

United in Gravel, we rode REBOUND. Each participant had their own journey, every mile was its own story, every smile its own reward. Whether you rode the 25, 50, 100 or 200-mile ride, you all owned the morning and turned this unique event into something massive.

Our friends at the Shimano Gravel Alliance rode beautiful trails from Normandy to Paris, followed the route of the Giro di Lombardia, and invited friends to go along for the ride – which meant 5 am alarms, GPS checks, and a 6 am kick-off, worldwide.

REBOUND: Relive a Remarkable Ride

Checking in with ultra-rider Sofiane Sehili, who had just finished the Highland Trail 550. Looking to recover in great style, Sofiane met up with his friends and took a crack at the Seine River Trail. Hopping from bank to bank along the famous French river, Sofiane reflects: ‘The beauty was in the friendship, in the small group on a sunny day. At the same time, we knew we were riding along with hundreds of thousands of riders. It was a powerful feeling.’ Sofiane rode with his Vitus Venon, equipped with a 2x11 GRX Di2 groupset.

REBOUND: Relive a Remarkable Ride

Meanwhile, in Northern Italy, Claudia and her friends followed the trails of Val Seriana and Val di Scalve in Northern Italy, navigating a path along the River Brembo into Val Brembana. A wet day, the continuous rain did little to dispirit the close-knit group of gravelers. Simply adjust the route, throw on some rain jackets and keep your eyes on the prize.

After a coffee break in Val Brembana, Claudia and her friends headed into the UNESCO-listed town of Bergamo over the iconic La Boccola climb, a key point of Il Giro di Lombardia. ‘It was a ride to remember, maybe not the sunny ride I had in mind, but you bet I’ll be back for more at REBOUND 2024.’

Can’t get enough of the REBOUND experience? Keep an eye out for REBOUND 2024. And in the meantime, keep the party pace alive with the official REBOUND recap movie by our friends and fellow organizers at Live Slow Ride Fast.