Shimano GRX Limited

Celebrating gravel and the gritty renaissance of cycling in North America, Shimano teamed up with ten master frame builders to create a collection of grit and gravel-inspired custom bikes with Shimano’s new GRX Limited parts. Handmade frame builders have significantly influenced both the culture and technical world of gravel, crafting some of the first multi-surface drop bar bikes and inspiring stories and community with each new frame. The bikes of ten master frame builders from around the globe will be on display at the expo in downtown Emporia to celebrate the mighty contributions that handmade frame builders have made to the gravel scene. 

Complementing these frames will be Shimano GRX Limited parts, which celebrate the long, illustrious heritage of drop bar adventure riding, the kind of cycling that inspired Shimano to design the world’s first dedicated gravel groupset.  Born from the desire to explore beyond, the original GRX groupsets pushed a generation of riders to adventure further and rediscover the joys of off-road, drop bar riding. GRX Limited continues that mission. 

The new GRX Limited is the tried and true 11-speed mechanical GRX 810 series groupset, brushed and polished into a classic silver finish for an extra-classy take on the quality, precision and durability synonymous with GRX. It comes in three available specs in limited quantities, with 1x11 and 2x11 options for drop bars and a special 1x11 flat bar configuration.

For more on the builders, click on any of the links below. 

  • Speedvagen : Steel Construction (Portland, Oregon, United States) 
  • Low : Aluminum Construction (San Francisco, California, United States)
  • Firefly : Titanium Construction (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)
  • Mosaic : Titanium Construction (Boulder, Colorado, United States)
  • Chumba : Steel Construction (Austin, Texas, United States)
  • Mariposa : Steel Construction (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • English Cycles : Steel Construction (Cottage Grove, Washington,  United States)
  • Seven : Titanium Construction (Watertown, Massachusetts, United States)
  • Enigma : Titanium Construction (Hailsham, United Kingdom)
  • Angel : Titanium Construction (A Coruña, Galicia, Spain)

Finally, find a selection of the Shimano GRX Limited equipped bikes on display at the Bike Expo here ↴

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