It’s one of those anthem events we look forward to every year. Grinduro. This year, the moveable feast of party-pacing/record-chasing gravel riders is meeting up at five locations throughout the world. It’s a Shimano-sponsored event, and here’s the low-down. From what to expect to everything you need to get absolutely stoked for Grinduro 2024!

What is Grinduro?

Just in case you’ve never heard of the event, here is a short explanation:

Grinduro is a dreamlike, enduro-style gravel race. With an emphasis on fun and inclusivity—exactly what we mean at Shimano when we say: United in Gravel! From California to Scotland to Canada and Japan, the Grinduro events grew in size and fun from ’15 to ’24. Not because of its catchy name and stylized branding—although we dare say they do a good job at that—but because of its perfect party to race ratio.

So it’s a gravel race? Yes. But it’s enduro? Also yes.

It is in fact, in the words of the organizers: a Gravel Road Race+Mountain Bike-Style Enduro… a long loop of pavement and dirt, with finishing times based on four timed segments of seven to five minutes each. With a mass start that feels somehow more like a celebration of the joy of being out there with friends, with excellent food, art, bikes, live music, camping. A cycling lovers’ festival.

The timed segments have the added effect of taking the pressure off the start. Get into your ride with a nice chat and find your zone, your sweet spot, to burst when the time is right. Or don’t, it’s up to you.

Where and when is Grinduro?

This year, Grinduro will be held at five locations throughout the world. 

Grinduro Germany: 24-26 May in Hellenthal. Expect pavement, gravel and singletrack. With a nice bicycle expo to boot. 

Grinduro France: 28-30 June in Xonrumpt-Longemer. The track features a selection of the best mountain biking routes and gravel trails in the gorgeous Vosges region.

Grinduro Italy: 27-29 September in Massa Marittima. Ah, the beauty of Tuscany! Three days of good food, good vibes, and great rides! 

Grinduro Pennsylvania: 7-9 June in Hillsgrove, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  The Gem of the Endless Mountains, Sullivan County, is home to some historic logging towns, scenic vistas, and covered bridges, giving this party the stage it deserves! 

Grinduro Japan: 18-20 October in Minakami. Party vibes in the hills of around Minakami, we’re super stoked to see this follow-up edition of Grinduro Japan coming to fruition. 

Shimano Gravel Alliance

Gravel is a get-together of like-minded people from all walks of life. We sponsor a group of awesome gravel riders from all over to amplify our goal of seeing a world United in Gravel. That’s the Shimano Gravel Alliance. Follow us on social media to keep up with the Alliance and find out which rider will join which Grinduro event! 

GRX: Your gravel groupset

When it comes to enjoying the ride out at Grinduro, nothing beats our gravel-specific GRX groupset for the smoothest shifting, most reliable braking, and ultimate gravel comfort through ergonomic designs and gravel-centric gearing. Now, with the updated 12-speed mechanical GRX lineup, you get more. More options, more gears, more opportunities to get out and ride exactly the way you want to ride. No matter which GRX option you choose, you’ll have the right gear—and gearing—for your next off-road adventure.

At Grinduro, look for the Shimano booth to test the awesome power of GRX yourself!

Learn more about grx

Caring for your bike

Want to get your bike all sorted and ready for your Grinduro adventure? Check out these tips on caring for your bike. For the good stuff, don’t forget to pop by one of our 2000+ Shimano Service Centers worldwide!

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