The make-up of gravel riders reflects the terrain that beckons them. Just like the different stones, sand and clay, gravel riders are a mixture of ethnicities, genders and orientations. We are found around the globe and across the economic spectrum. We come in all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness, all united in our passion.

We start where the road ends. Into the woods or the mountains or along the paths, loving the scenery and the sound our tyres make on gravel.

Our adventures evolve: we head out a little further every time. We dare more, explore more, learn more skills. We see more of the world around us and discover more about ourselves.

You’ll enjoy your gravel rides even more with the SHIMANO gravel line-up. Our stylish EVOLVE jersey and bib shorts use high-performance, recycled materials. So you can go all out off-road with a smile, knowing there was no unnecessary waste.

And while exploring the great outdoors, you’ll appreciate the small, smart details. Like that handy mesh thigh pocket for your phone or snacks, or the front split on the bib shorts that makes for easier bathroom breaks.

We start where the road ends

Every part of our gravel line up is made with the thrill of exploring in mind. From the subtle, bronze reflective elements to a chamois purposefully made for long days in the saddle. We also developed specific men’s and women’s RX801 and RX600 shoe and apparel options. Because going on an adventure with those close to you is just better; sharing is caring. So next time you leave the road behind, you’ll know your kit is ready to take that turn.

After all, gravel is the great equalizer and unifier. Friends are made and memories are forged on the trails. Whether you’re riding one mile or one hundred. Whether you have a 10-speed, 11-speed or 12-speed. Whether you’re hitting paved roads, fire roads, b-roads, or no road at all. It doesn’t matter why you’re out there; it only matters that you are.

A part of something bigger. Strengthened by individuality, fueled by togetherness. United in Gravel.

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